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A big misconception for beginners in fashion is that being fashionable is all about follow the current trend and choosing styles and cuts of clothing that are currently “in”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is extremely important to find styles of clothing that cater to your body type.  Many of the current styles look best on young, slender and uncurvy frames, and are not well suited for fuller busts, larger hips, and comparatively smaller waists. So then, what should a curvy woman look for in her clothing?

What Constitutes a Bad Fit?

There are many things that can result in a bad fit. Here are some of the more common fit issues:

– Squeezing in to a size too small for a part or all of your body (either by choice or necessity).

– “Flowy” loose fitted garments if you’re busty – this will make you look pregnant.

– Wearing a size too big to accommodate curviness that clothing isn’t designed for often results in a baggy, unflattering fit.

What Constitutes a Good Fit?

– A garment that cinches at the smallest part of your waist.

– A garment with adequate bust and hip room.

These are really the most important criteria for curvy women. However, some more may or may not apply depending on your circumstances:

– If you’re tall, an adequately lengthy garment – a lot of curvy women find the size of their hips and bust drags dresses and tops up their frame.

– Waists come long, short, high, low and somewhere in between, so a garment that cuts to your waist specifications.

– Stretchy fabrics can be amazing as they provide leeway in the bust and hips – however, skin tight clothing can unflatteringly emphasise certain body parts.

You may have noticed an emphasis needs to be put on the smallest part of your body and adequate room needs to be given for the larger parts. This isn’t about looking thin (although it will probably make you look a lot slimmer than wearing a baggy shirt if that’s what you’re going for) it is just about following the flow of your natural body shape. The point of choosing the right style for your body is that you will always look more put together and fashionable when you are working with your natural shape instead of against it. So, try to choose styles that celebrate your body’s shape instead of squeezing in to clothes that aren’t good enough for it. More information on where to find things that actually fit will be added to this blog later, so stay up with me!