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Hi there! As a curvy woman, I’ve found that getting in to fashion is very difficult for one simply reason – most clothes are not made to fit our bodies.Most sizing guides for mainstream retailers illustrate that the expectation is for women to have a 5-8 inch difference between the bust and waist, and at most a 10 inch difference between the waist and hips (and that’s if you fit straight sizes – if you’re plus sized it’s even more slim pickings!). This can make finding clothes that fit and flatter curvy shapes anywhere from frustrating to an embarrassing nightmare.

The purpose of this blog will be to help bustier/curvier women find clothes that fit and flatter their figures. I will be reviewing clothes as well as compiling lists of clothing that are more suited to the curvy figure to try to help take some of the pain out of clothes shopping. I also may do some more meta posts on curviness within culture.

I think it is important to state that curviness is not the same as being plus sized. This blog is aimed at helping people whose bust and/or hips are significantly larger than their waist. This may mean slender and curvy women, average sized curvy women or plus sized curvy women (although I myself fall more into the slender and curvy category).

Well then, now that I have that out of the way I suppose I better get on to making some useful content. See you soon!